ORIGINZ - The Superpowered Card Game

Created by Flavor Faction Studio

Become a Superpowered Hero or Villain and battle with 2 to 8 players in this complete, multi-format strategy card game. Ages 10+

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Manufacturing & Updated Website!
25 days ago – Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 05:13:28 PM

Good news! Our manufacturer has confirmed receipt of the deposit and is commencing work immediately. There is roughly 35 days for manufacturing, plus 30-60 days for overseas shipping.

Once we receive all the product, we’ll send out another Backerkit survey to reaffirm everyone’s shipping addresses. Then we’ll start the slow and steady process of shipping the game to your doors. We are going to do this ourselves (instead of involving a third party) to minimize the chance of delays which are outside of our control. Given these facts, our current estimate is that fulfillment will be complete by April 2019 or so...the sooner the better!

Also, our official website has been updated with a new url and new features!

  • New URL: www.originzcardgame.com

  • New Features: An updated Lore section and a Quick Start guide! This Quick Start Guide won’t be printed in the manufactured game box (because the official rulebook more than covers everything), but it is meant to be referenced on your digital device or downloaded and printed!

Lastly, if you’ve decided that you’d like to re-pledge your support or order additional copies of the game, we’ve re-activated the backerkit preorder shop. There is a link to the backerkit shop on the KS page and on the website.

Thank you again for your support and patience! - Evan and Alex

Manufacturing Prototype...Ka-Pow!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 07:36:39 PM

Superpowered Backers,

We are excited to finally share these pictures of our manufacturing prototype! We are happy to report that all components are high quality, sturdy and packaged neatly. The game’s detailed and colorful comic-book style artwork really comes to life. It’s been so fun to play the real thing!

Stay tuned...Our next update, which will come soon, will include confirmation of the manufacturing order and an estimated timeline for delivery! We realize you all have waited a long time for this - thank you again for your patience and support.

A step in the right direction
about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 10:53:52 PM

Dear Kickstarter Backers,

We are happy to report that Flavor Faction will be exclusively moving forward with fulfillment of the kickstarter (finally).  We’ve placed the order for 2 copies of the prototype from our new manufacturer (one for each of us). We are excited to review the final version of the printed game and look forward to sharing pictures of that prototype soon.

As opposed to before, please direct all questions solely to flavorfactionstudio@gmail.com.  

Thank you all for your on-going patience, understanding and faith.

Questions regarding fulfillment
9 months ago – Sun, Mar 18, 2018 at 10:08:34 PM

Hi everyone - we recently posted a message to the KS Forum which we felt was important enough to issue in this formal Backer update:

“Golden Bell is the publisher of the game ORIGINZ (now titled Superhero Origins) and is responsible for the fulfillment of your rewards as Backers of this Kickstarter. We are saddened to report that we do not have an updated timeline to share with you today as originally planned.

Going forward, please send all questions regarding the timeline of the fulfillment of your Kickstarter rewards to Marc Goldner at marc@goldenbellstudios.com. We encourage you to cc us at flavorfactionstudio@gmail.com. Wherever possible, we will continue to push towards fulfillment from our end.

Again, please accept our deepest apologies for these unforeseen delays. The game is complete and playing great and we know it will be worth the wait. Thank you all again for your support and for making this dream possible.”

Evolving to Superhero Origins
11 months ago – Tue, Jan 09, 2018 at 10:07:55 PM


Dear Superheroes, Happy New Year!  We are pleased to announce that we’ve been working hard with the folks at Golden Bell to get ready for production, fulfillment, and distribution of your new favorite game. Part of this successful collaboration was an overhaul of the rulebook (making it more polished, and clearer to read), an added Quick Start Guide for those that hate reading long rulebooks, a slight rebranding of the product name and logo (to Superhero Origins). There were some serious concerns about the validity of the Trademark on Golden Bell’s side and they are eagerly awaiting approval from the USPTO. The mixture of these additions and concerns had aided in a delayed product, however it will be a far superior gaming experience compared to what everyone had even hoped for from the start of this! We are also happy to report that manufacturing is being scheduled as the last bits of the above-mentioned tidbits are being completed, and we will update you with a timeline when we hear back from the factory. Keep in mind that Chinese New Year is fast approaching so we hope to have this in their hands as soon as we can. Just in case there was any misunderstanding, we’ve fully benefited from Golden Bell’s support since we signed with them, and their collaborative efforts have made the game a better, more enduring product. We are convinced that Superhero Origins is going to be totally awesome and we hope you’re all as excited as we are!

We are still making a few final graphical tweaks, but we've attached the latest Rulebook for your review.

Many of you have asked about the prototype: In the interest of time, we'll be reviewing the prototype digitally, so there won't be further delay due to a manufactured prototype.  

Lastly, for those of you that don't know us personally, we resoundingly reject any implication that this campaign is a scam.  The game has been delayed because it has been improved.  Since the campaign ended, we revamped the Card Template and made a few very important rule changes due to heavy playtesting.  As we said earlier, in order for the game to move into the larger market, the collaboration felt that the Rulebook, Logo and Trademark had to be revamped.  The Quick Start guide will be added to the game as well.

We recognize that the fulfillment timeline has continually pushed, and that our communication could have been better, and we sincerely apologize for those facts.   We take the frustration on the Kickstarter forum very seriously and we are continuing to do everything we can to get the best product out to you as soon as possible.   Thank you again for your support and patience. 

Evan and Alex